This might seem simple at first, but one thing that really helped me focus my content and messaging on Instagram was to focus on promoting specific offerings on a month to month basis.

I start with a Yearly Calendar and separate my promotions based on what I want to focus on selling each specific month. I offer many different services, digital products, subscriptions, and courses, and if I tried to talk about every single one of those every single week, my messaging would be muddled. I try and make it easy for my audience to buy what I sell by only talking about 1-2 things at a time. Even my “Evergreen” offerings, such as the Stock Brand Subscription that I always have for sale have specific months where I’ll do a giveaway, a sale, or a big launch with a partner brand so I’ll create a full story around that offering.

ACTION OF THE DAY: Today’s action is to write down all the products & services you have to offer and write down the different campaign ideas you can market them with. Then, download the Yearly Campaign Calendar and fill in the blanks what you will be promoting each month- you can even break it down further by weeks in the boxes.

Before we start planning out how often we will be sharing promotional posts on Instagram, we want to decide on how much we want to sell and base our efforts appropriately. All too often I get approached by people who want to make $10,000 off their first course launch, who have not spent any time building an audience. There’s nothing wrong with a big goal, you just have to have a time and dollar investment to match that goal.

So when I look at setting goals, I always want to use the SMART Method and start with the end in mind.

If I have a course and I want a $10,000 launch, I’m going to work backwards from there to make my smaller quarterly goals. I want those goals to be …





and Time Based

I’ll go through more about SMART Goals in today’s Live Broadcast, so make sure you have your workbook printed out to record your questions there.


Download the Instagram Goals Worksheet and fill out your SMART Goals. Remember, getting to 10K followers on Instagram is a good mini goal, but there should be a reason behind that!

Now that we know WHAT we are going to be promoting and our goals to convert to, we need to make the actual content we’re going to share.

But wait! Before we jump right into the fun stuff, it’s going to make this task a whole hell of a lot easier if we know WHO we are going to be tailoring this content to.

Remember, your business is not about YOU, it’s about your customers and the experience you give them with your products and services. We want to attract the RIGHT people to our businesses and brands, so we want to put out content that attracts those people who are the perfect fit for us to serve them.

Today we’re going to take some time to get to know our Ideal Customer so we know what stories to tell them.

ACTION STEP: Fill out the Ideal Buyer Profile so get a feel for the Storytelling Element of what your content should have. BONUS- follow the brands that you list and screenshot the posts that you think would resonate best with your ideal customer.

The easiest way to lead people where you want them to go is to walk backwards, step by step. We’re going go FROM the sale, back to Instagram and add or take away steps as we test and see how effective our purchase path is to converting to sales.

I love using Trello for this, not only because it’s my favorite tool in the whole world, but because it makes creating a purchase path drag and drop easy as pie. I’ve created an Instagram Promotion Board Template in Trello for you to copy and make your own, and you can use the Purchase Path List to fill in cards to drop little breadcrumbs for your buyers to grow their trust in you.

ACTION STEP: If you haven’t signed up for Trello yet, definitely do that immediately and then copy the Instagram Promotion Board Template. Start putting in steps to the Purchase Path, and a #protip: the more expensive the offering, the more steps in the path you have to put to grow the trust.


If any of you have joined me in my other Instagram training, you’ll know that I always suggest having a content breakdown so you’re not spending every single post trying to sell something.

I usually tell people to start with a 20/40/40 rule when they start out. 20% promotion, 40% brand awareness, and 40% giving value. You can adjust these percentages based on your current goals and where your business is at the time. If you are a new business, then you may want to wait to add promotional content or just ask for sales only 10% of the time. You many need to focus more heavily on building your Brand Awareness for people to understand who you are and what you do, and if they are the right fit for your business.

If you are having enough people discover you, and you want to focus more on building trust, then you should put more emphasis on Giving Value. Show why you are the expert, and give people mini wins in your free content so they know you are the go-to person to solve their problems.

Once you have those, then you can focus on converting that trust into sales with your promotional posts- however you ALWAYS want to be giving more than you are asking.

The time to do the most Promotional Posts would be during a specific campaign. Something short-term and targeted, but isn’t just bombarding people with the same 20% off sale graphic over and over. Choose your biggest campaigns you will share on Instagram and you can plan on sharing the most promotional content (but still CREATIVE promotional content) then.

ACTION STEP: Download the editorial calendar & planner below to choose your content breakdown for your monthly campaign and decide what your percentages are going to be. Choose the number of consistent posts you will be sharing weekly, and add in the Categories accordingly. Fill in the calendar with each category to know how many promotional posts you’ll need to create.

Think about the first time you drive by a new restaurant or shop in your car. You spot it, your eyes get big because “ooooh something shiny!” and then what do you do?

You hop right on your iPhone and you Google it. If the social media links pop up, you go right over and see what it’s all about. You spend the next 15 minutes scrolling through their Instagram feed….why do we do this?

Because we want to know what we will expect when we go there. We want to know as much about the place we’ve stumbled across so we can start the experience right there on our phones.

This is why it’s so important to be creative and intentional when sharing our promotional content. We want to build up the excitement, the anticipation, and the expectation of our buyers so they can’t wait but get their hands on what we offer to them.

Showing me a container of protein powder doesn’t make me excited to work out. At all. But showing me a fun girl making mango smoothies in a bikini on the beach with her friends does. There’s a difference.

Sometimes creating that story for your customers and clients can be hard to get started, so I like to use the 3PE prompts to help me brainstorm ideas. We want to create stories around the PEOPLE in our business, the PRODUCT (or services) we well, the PROCESS of how we created the product or service, and the EXPERIENCE that our buyers will have with us. The more creative and rich these stories are, the more our Instagram Audience will be invested in what we sell.

ACTION STEP: Download the 3PE Worksheet and brainstorm ideas of these stories on each line. Then start filling out the TYPE of content you can share in the boxes below- like a styled stock photo, a video, a graphic, or a photo you create.

So we’ve talked a lot about how Instagram is not for selling, it’s for storytelling; so to combat this we want to move those people over to the places that ARE for selling.

The two places that I would suggest to sell and convert are 1) in their email inbox and 2) on Facebook with ads. It is very rare for a customer to convert linearly, meaning they discover you, they follow you on Instagram, they see a post from you about what you sell, then they cleanly click the link in your profile, hit your sales page, and click “buy”. There are usually DOZENS of other touchpoints that you have to hit in order to convert into a sale. People’s attention are so short and fleeting, that you must show up consistently in as many places as possible using the correct context to make the most of how they use the platforms. Popping in their inboxes on a weekly basis will make it more likely they will open it when you’re ready to ask for that sale. However, since we are checking our emails at not always the best times to buy, it’s really helpful to remind them about your products on Facebook Ads, which you can set up to target people specifically on your list and that have clicked over to your site or sales pages.

ACTION STEP: Create an opt in offer (either a download or a discount or anything to get people’s emails) and set up an automation in your email service provider to deliver that offer. Then you are going to create an Introduction email to let people know who you are and what they can expect from you in your emails. Create a link to your opt in that is branded to what you are offering, and then adjust your bio to tell people what they get when they click on the link.



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