Now that you know what type of product you are going to create, we have to figure out how to make money with it. The best way to make something of value (think: something people will pay money for) is to find The Gap. No not where you buy jeans and yet another white button up shirt- The Gap is the space between a problem your ideal customer has and what they want the outcome to be after they use your solution.

Sooooo….. let’s say your ideal customer is a mom blogger, and maybe their problem is ….that they never have the time to take photos to put in their blog posts. They need both landscape and vertical images to go in their blog posts so they can promote it on Pinterest so they can get those images pinned and they get more traffic to their blog.

The Gap is where they are now (what they need) and how YOU are going to help them with a solution. Perhaps the end result is they have perfectly coordinated styled stock images of children’s’ books, legos, plush toys, treats, so their blog is perfectly cohesive, so once people find the Pinterest images of their posts, they can grow their readership of their blog and get more subscribers.

Today’s assignment is two parts- choose WHO you want to sell to (your ideal customer) and think about THE GAP, the problem they are facing and the solution you are going to create for them so get their dream result.

To help you with this step, I’ve created a free Ideal Customer Gap Worksheet so you can get to thinking about who you’re creating your product for and how it’s going to solve their problem!

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