LESSON 5 | creating your products

It’s time to get to work. You’ve spent the last four days getting ready to create your product, and now it’s time do exactly that. No more waiting until it’s perfect, no more procrastinating, NOTHING.


Guys, the thing about this is- even if you make this and never make one dollar on it- you can absolutely use it to grow your business. Use it as Content Upgrade for an email opt in! Use it for a giveaway!

But the great thing is- you have something for the rest of your life that you could sell a million times over. Plus- you can always go back and make it better after it’s lived in the world for a while.

Since there are some people who are STILL going to put off creating their product- I’m going to give you an easy to follow workflow in Trello that you can follow and check off step by step so tackling that Digital Product can be less overwhelming and have a system you can replicate. Find the link to the Trello Board in your inbox!

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