We are so thrilled to have Jana as our very first guest editor of the Brand Offer Market Membership. Meet Jana and find out how she uses her beautiful, minimal images to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

On the first interview with the guest editor of the Brand Offer Market Membership Jana Bishop​ of TwigyPosts​ we chat about
– How people use her styled stock photos to brand themselves, create stuff to sell, and market their businesses
– How Jana branded TwigyPosts, what’s new for her business, and the marketing tactics she’s learning to grow.

1:10 – How do your own customers use your products for their brand?
7:41 – What are people creating to sell with the images you’ve seen?
20:41 – Do you have an example of someone who has used your images to Market what they sell?
22:11 – As far as branding your own business, what do you hope people feel when they see your images?
28:29 – Tell us about the new ways people can purchase your images
33:34 – What are the things you have on the horizon to market your business?

Visit Jana’s website to see peeks of the brand identity & site I helped her create at https://twigyposts.com/

You can become a member of her TwigyPosts Membership at https://twigyposts.com/twigyposts-membership/

And you can purchase her styled stock bundles at https://twigypost.com/

Thanks so much for watching!

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