How to Create a Blog Post for WCF

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Content Creation WC | 0 comments

Step-by-Step Creating a new blog post on the WCF site

1. Check WCF Integrated Marketing Spreadsheet in Airtable for Content

2. Download photos for post from Airtable spreadsheet

3. Login to Dashboard of the WCF site. Login information is in Trello. 

4. On the left navigation bar under Post, select Add New.

4. Select the Divi Builder. In the new window, Clone Existing Page, then selevt a previous blog post to copy.  

4. Write and edit blog content in Notes or a Google Doc.

5. Copy and paste the content into the newly created blog post.

6. Upload photos into the media library and select as the featured image and the store photo in the post.

6. Schedule post in the right side bar menu.

7. Check that the post has been scheduled in the Airtable Spreadsheet.